The #RaiseTheGame Guide to Diversity and Inclusion

By Daniel Woods on 21/01/2020

Want to make the pledge but not sure what you can do?

It’s not easy to make meaningful change, so we've produced some guidance as an introduction to diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our D&I Guide will also help you to find out more about how you can improve diversity and inclusion within your company, and think about how it can positively impact your business.

This guidance document:

  • Provides an overview of the Diversity and Inclusion landscape in the games industry.
  • Covers what diversity and inclusion means, and the challenges of achieving a diverse workforce in a global, technology-driven, creative industry.
  • Gives guidance for games companies, no matter where they are in their Diversity and Inclusion journey.
  • Provides details on the RaiseTheGame Pledge, and how to sign up.

You can read the guidance here.