Shining A Light On The Importance Of Accessibility And The Power Of Inclusion

By Emily Gordon, Senior Public Fundraiser at Scope on 21/11/2022

In December 2020, Scope set out to learn more about accessibility in gaming with the aims of understanding the barriers disabled gamers face as part of our mission to end disability inequality and champion the rights and needs of disabled people.

Working with an external agency, Censuswide, we distributed a survey to 1,326 respondents comprising of 812 disabled gamers and 514 non-disabled gamers.

The survey presented some really interesting findings on disabled people’s experiences in the gaming industry.

Below is a summary of the key findings.

  • 66% of gamers with an impairment or condition say they face barriers or issues related to gaming.
  • The biggest barrier to gaming is the affordability of suitable assistive or adapted technology.
  • The most used assistive technologies are sounds options or adjusting the sensitivity of controllers.
  • 50% of disabled gamers say that that information on the accessibility of a game has affected their decision to buy it.
  • 40% of disabled gamers have bought games they haven’t been able to play due to poor accessibility.
  • 40% of disabled gamers have experienced negative attitudes from other gamers relating to a disability, impairment or condition.

To read the report in full, visit our website.

Off the back of our research, we felt ready to take further steps into gaming through a few different activities...

Share your experiences

We want to see gaming made truly accessible to everyone. We’re building a pool of disabled gamers who want to share their experiences in order to improve accessibility and inclusion in gaming.

Join Scope’s Research Panel.

As a Panellist, you could take part in surveys, one to one’s, focus groups and more. You have control over which research projects you apply for, there are no minimum time commitments, and you can collect points to exchange for vouchers.

And if you’re interested in working with Scope on how you can address these issues in your business, and reach disabled gamers directly for further insight, please get in touch. Email us at

Power Up and Play

We launched the organisation’s first gaming fundraiser, Power Up and Play back in November 2021.

Power Up and Play is a gaming fundraising event for every gamer. From casual to competitive gaming and live streaming. Whether you're aiming to beat your high score, just relax or share your unique experience of gaming. We have activities and challenges for all.

Designed in collaboration with disabled gamers, we want to shine a light on the importance of accessibility and the power of inclusion.

During the first edition of the fundraiser, we were fortunate enough to put on two panels as well with folks from the Co-Production Group we setup before Play Up and Play, alongside a career pathways session with some game industry professionals.

Check out the content below:

Power Up and Play is now back in development as we look to make tweaks and changes before we re-launch in 2023. Watch this space for something exciting!