Limit Break X Out Making Games - Levelling-up Mentorship for Underrepresented Games Professionals

By Anisa Sanusi, Founder of Limit Break Mentorship on 26/04/2021

Limit Break, one of the UK games industry’s biggest mentoring programs, has partnered with Out Making Games, a non-profit that connects and empowers the LGBTQ+ community in the UK games industry.

After expanding from a London focus to a UK-wide program in 2020, for their third year Limit Break is broadening its scope once more and is expanding to mentor not only people of underrepresented genders but to all underrepresented groups in the UK games industry.

The mentorship program runs for six months and is open to anyone from an underrepresented group within the UK games industry, whatever discipline they have. This ranges from developers such as designers, programmers and artists to those in QA, marketing, community management and any other role within the industry. Anyone - including allies - with five or more years experience in the industry are welcome to apply as mentors.

Limit Break is expecting to more than double in size from 2020’s cohort of 300 professionals to around 700 mentors and mentees from all over the UK. This has only been possible thanks to the generous support from our sponsors: PlayStation Europe, BFI, Amiqus, Chucklefish, Robot Teddy, and SuperHot.

Registration have been open since April 12th for both mentors and mentees through the Limit Break website. The program helps match up mentors to mentees, runs roundtable sessions where attendees can discuss any challenges they are facing, and provides a close knit community for professionals to network, share knowledge and make friends. Online events are scheduled with monthly workshops, roundtables, a podcast series and much more to come.


“Limit Break is a fantastic program and helps participants grow their skills and networks. Through this partnership we are going to be able to support diverse professionals at every level of the UK games industry.”

Zoe Brown, Director of Out Making Games


“Third time’s the charm, it’s gonna be lit af.”

Anisa Sanusi, Founder of Limit Break Mentorship


With the expansion of Limit Break, we are grateful for the support of our fellow advocacy groups who are also working towards a better games industry: UKIE #RaiseTheGame, POC in Play, and Into Games.

There is still time for both mentees and mentors to apply, 2021 registration closes 2nd May.

Limit Break is a mentorship program for UK game developers that was founded in 2019 by Anisa Sanusi and organised by the Limit Break Committee, with a big helping hand from our collaborators at Out Making Games, and the support & sponsor of various UK organisations and companies. In 2021 Limit Break Mentorship registered as a non-profit CIC. You can find out more about their work here, and hear about their latest activities by following them on Twitter.

Out Making Games (OMG) is here to connect and empower the LGBTQ+ community working in the games industry across the UK. We want to address and overcome the barriers that exist for LGBTQ+ professionals in the industry, both by transforming policies and institutions, and by changing hearts and minds through education. A united community is an empowered one. You can find out more about their work here, and hear about their latest activities by following them on Twitter.